Post-print coating for polishing and finishing of 3D prints. Applied on any print, it makes the treated surface glossy, smooth and impact resistant.
Developed specifically for application in the 3D sector, it does not drip or cover small details, faithfully respecting all forms of printing.

It eliminates irregularities between the different layers; Glossy; It strengthens the mechanical resistance of the print; Sanded and paintable. Hardening speed

At the temperature of 20°C Solid in 4 hours

At the temperature of 30°C Solid in 2 hours

It can be colored with coloring pastes or metal powders to paint the print with the chosen color.

Excellent adhesion and reinforcement on PLA, LAYWOOD, ABS. Fast and effective, it is an easy application solution to accelerate the production of finished products through 3D printing, increasing aesthetic homogeneity and impact resistance. The high mechanical resistance also makes it ideal as a glue between prints or for repairing damaged 3D artefacts. We recommend keeping the product in a dark, cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. The instruments must be washed with IPA (isopropyl alcohol).