WHITE Polyurethane resin from high flow and high hardness casting, for hobby creations and
rapid prototyping in the modeling sector.
The high catalysis speed (30 minutes) is perfect to quickly and perfectly re-produce objects
of all sizes.
The resin, in the liquid state, can be easily colored with any compatible coloring paste.
Furthermore, once hardened it can be colored with acrylic colors.
Technical features:
 Color: Light Beige / White.
 Viscosity 70 mPa*s.
 Pot Life 10 min. Maturation 30 min.
 Weight ratio A: B 100: 110.
 Hardness: 100 Shore A.
ADVICE FOR APPLICATION. BEFORE USE: Shake the packages and leave them upside down
for 5 minutes. So as to homogenize the content. Do not apply immediately after shaking, but
let them rest 5 minutes upside down.

1. Respect the employment ratio A + B (100:110 by weight) using a scale, following the
simple formula: grams of A x 1.1 = grams of B. Some Examples: 100g A x 1.1 = 110g B
, 50g A x 1.1 = 55g B,
2. Mix A + B for one minute.
3. Pour it in the silicone mold.
4. Wait 30 minutes and extract your model, perfect in every detail!