LIQUIDISSIMA Epoxy resin is a two-component product based on epoxy resin and relative
amino hardener. Given the specific formulation and longer catalysis times, Liquidissima resin
is suggested for castings at least 1 cm thickness.
Two-component epoxy system with low viscosity for application in film (1 mm) and castings
up to 3 cm thickness.
The formula was developed with the aim of reducing the number of bubbles in the castings
as much as possible, thanks to 3 fundamental characteristics: high transparency (water
effect), low viscosity and a longer workability time compared to the traditional
“TRASPARENT” product.
The excellent resistance to environmental humidity guarantees a glossy and transparent
The main features of this product are:
 High transparency;
 Low viscosity;
 Good chemical resistance;
 Long workability;
 Glossy and self-leveling surface.
These characteristics make the LIQUIDISSIMA Epoxy resin ideal for artistic creations and
jewelry with particularly elaborate molds and in all applications where the smallest possible
number of air bubbles is required within the products themselves.
The LIQUIDISSIMA product can be colored with any epoxy dye (both in paste and powder) in
a percentage ranging from 0.1% to 2.0%.
Technical data:
 Mixing ratio 100:60,

 Viscosity: very low (175-225) cps at 25 °C).
 gel time (film 1mm 30C): 3h00′-4h00′,
 pot life (100g at 25C°): 45′,
 Yellowing: Low (Gardner 1).
 Mechanical properties: Medium-High.